About Kate
"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."-Barbara Katz Rothman
Who I am

I’m a military wife and stay at home mommy with my two young kiddos and a pup. I grew up in Tennessee, graduated from MTSU (where I met my hubby) with a bachelor’s in Advertising and spent a few years working for Whole Foods Market before retiring to stay home with my kids. My faith is very important to me; it’s where I draw strength from and it’s how I became who I am today. I’m a pretty laid-back person and would consider myself more introverted, but I also love meeting new people and connecting with them on a personal level. I’m a Food Network junkie and watch an embarassing amount of documentaries.

My Story

Before and during my first pregnancy in 2011, I never thought much about birth. In fact, I remember my OB at the time asking me in the middle of my pregnancy if I had started thinking about my birth plan. I remember responding to her with, “Meh. Whatever. I’ll just show up and have a baby”.  We lost that baby near the end of the second trimester because of some unknown genetic abnormalities. I knew that if I ever got the chance to have another child, I wanted to approach my pregnancy and birth differently than I had before. I wanted to be intentional about it.

When I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest, I started doing crazy amounts of research. My husband bought me a random book as a gift, called Active Birth, and in the book I saw pictures of all of the positions in which a woman can give birth (something I still laugh about as he had NO IDEA what he was actually buying!). My mind was blown. You mean, I don’t HAVE to lay on a bed with my legs in the air to push out my baby?!

I decided to have a natural, unmedicated birth after reading book after book and watching a million beautiful water birth videos. I hired a doula, because I knew that I would need the support to have the birth I was envisioning. I had a VERY long labor and ended up having two doulas, who impacted me and my birth experience more than I could ever put into words. I knew that I wanted to serve other women in the same way. I wanted to support other women in their birth journey, the way that I was supported.

After my second birth- where I had a deployed hubby, no doula and a medically necessary induction, the conviction to become a doula became something I couldn’t walk away from. That experience was very, very different from my first- in that I did have many of the interventions that I was able to avoid the first time around. It opened my eyes to the huge benefit of a doula for ALL kinds of births.

My Birth Philosophy

I firmly believe in making birth BETTER for women. A huge part of that to me, is helping them overcome fear, by supporting them physically, educationally and emotionally. With physical support, a mother can endure longer and stronger; with educational support she can know risks, benefits and feel the power of making her own choices; and with emotional support she can feel safe and empowered to allow her body to open and bring forth another life.

No birth is the same, and every woman has a different idea of what she wants her birth to be like. I am here to serve and support HER no matter what that looks like. I truly believe every woman deserves a doula in her corner during this life-changing event.

I also want to see mothers treated with respect by their care providers. I feel that every mother deserves a care provider who believes in HER and believes that her body is not broken, but that birth is normal and natural. When a woman has support, she will feel empowered by her birth.

My Credentials

-Kindred Hearts Birth Circle Apprentice (Feb-Aug 2017)
-Member of Omaha Doulas Association
-Trained by Childbirth International (2016)
-Rebozo -Gena Kirby Certification
-CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training (2017)
-Evidence Based Birth Training (2017)
-Personal and Professional experience in unmedicated and medicated birth, medical induction, PROM, malpositioned baby, VBAC, post-dates pregnancy, stillbirth and miscarriage, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, baby-led weaning, cosleeping and homeopathic remedies.