Birth Services
Birth services include educational, emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. All Birth Packages include an initial Meet and Greet free of charge. All packages can be mixed and matched upon request.
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    Last Minute Birth Doula Package
    + 1 prenatal meeting to discuss birth plan and comfort measures in labor +On-Call support (both phone/e-mail and in-person) from 37 weeks + Continuous and In-person Labor and Birth support +Immediate breastfeeding and postpartum support (All last minute packages must be hired after 37 weeks) +
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    Birth Doula Package
    + 1 (2-3 hour) prenatal meetings to discuss birth preferences and labor comfort measures. +Daytime phone/e-mail support throughout pregnancy and on-call support (both phone/e-mail and in-person) from 37 weeks. + Continuous, in-person labor, & birth support and immediate breastfeeding and postpartum support after birth. +One Postpartum visit
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    Birth & Postpartum Combo Packages
    +Entire Birth Basics Package + -15 hour Postpartum Package (Five (3 hour) daytime shifts over 1 to 2 weeks after birth. OR -Three (8 hour) overnight shifts over 1 to 2 weeks after birth. -
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Postpartum Services

All services include a FREE intinial meet & greet and a FREE meeting to plan for your family's specific needs.
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    Postpartum Packages
    +First Week Home (Three 8- Hour Daytime Shifts) | $515 + 20 hours | $575 +40 hours | $1,150 +60 hours | $1,725 +Packages can be adjusted upon request. +Overnight packages available upon request
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    A La Carte
    + $30/hour Daytime (4 hour minimum) +$35/hour Overnight (8 hour minimum)
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    Create Your Own Package
    +Customize your Postpartum Package based on the needs of your family.
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PostPartum Services Include:

+Meal planning and preparation
+Feeding  support(breast and bottle)
+Light housework
+Newborn care (tips and tricks)
+Sibling support
+Emotional support during the postpartum period.

. Other services are available upon request.